Our clients are living proof that amicable resolution is possible for you & your family

Save thousands on court fees, avoid long legal battles, and bring harmony back to your home.

“Erin came up with the right approach for our situation.”

“My divorce was such a long, painful process before I found Erin. I felt like she really understood my situation. There’s so much at stake and it can be really difficult to work with the other person, but Erin respected those differences and tried to minimize the time, money, and stress. She was prepared for anything.”

-NOCO Mediation Client

In divorce, there’s no ‘perfect’ solution

Divorce can feel overwhelming and emotionally draining, especially when you and your spouse want different outcomes.

Mediation offers a middle ground between self-managing your separation and hiring an attorney to contest unresolved disputes.

As a self-represented (or pro se) mediation client, you benefit from an impartial advocate with legal expertise to help you and your partner reach agreement in a judgment-free space.

Divorce doesn’t need to be messy or complicated

Divorce mediation provides structured communication tailored to your situation and designed to de-escalate conflict.

Save money with mediation

Contact us to discuss affordable options for mediation packages and settlement conferences

Get input from a seasoned attorney

Have your court documents; assets; and parenting plan prepared by an attorney mediator

Find mutual resolution

Settle on your terms and find sustainable solutions that work for your family

Finalize your divorce quickly & easily

We provide you with a roadmap and review your paperwork so you’re ready to file.

How does mediation work at NOCO?

Every family is different. We’re here to meet you where you’re at, whether you’re recently separated or have endured a long court battle already.

Step 1: Getting started

If you are an attorney or paralegal scheduling a mediation session please submit an intake here.

If you are unrepresented by an attorney and you would like to schedule a free virtual 30-minute mediation session. Click here to submit an intake form.

We’ll then meet for a 30-minute virtual consultation with you and your partner to outline goals, financial documents, co-parenting needs, and other issues unique to your case. We’ll determine if mediation is a good fit for you and your partner.

Step 2: Mediation

We’ll meet in person or virtually for your scheduled mediation sessions. Breakout rooms are provided for private consultation, as well as a shared space for whole-group discussions to resolve important decisions.

Step 3: Document preparation & hand off

Based on the decisions you make together in your mediation sessions and the documents you’ve provided to us, we’ll prepare the paperwork for you to file.

“Erin has a knack for working on difficult cases”

“She understands the strengths and weaknesses of each case and is able to work toward a resolution with the parties based on the same. Mediating with Erin is not a waste of time–it’s money well spent!”

-Sara Stieben, Mediation Attorney

When do you need family mediation?

You can choose mediation at any point to move quickly toward your goals and avoid a contested separation:

Self-represented divorce mediation is a great choice for you when:

You’re eager to finalize your separation without representation and save money in attorney fees and court costs.

You’re willing to work with your partner or co-parent to tackle difficult decisions.

You’re open to creative solutions for resolving disputes amicably


Even if divorce feels impossible today, we believe there’s a path to resolution for you

We’ll work together to find the right mediation approach for you and your partner.
You’ll receive:

Already working with an attorney? We also offer three-hour attorney-initiated mediation conferences.

Commonly asked questions about divorce mediation in Colorado

Here at NOCO Mediation center the mediator is a lawyer, just not your lawyer. We don’t represent either party and we can’t provide legal advice or operate as your attorney. A mediator’s role is to facilitate a conversation with you and your spouse as a neutral third party.

We prepare specific documents that you’ll need to complete your divorce and hand them off to you to file along with the filing link and instructions. Unfortunately, we’re unable to legally file them for you because we don’t represent either party and we are not a party to your case.

We can! We have the tools and software to work through financial statements, child support, maintenance, and other related issues that may be involved in your divorce. 

Yes, we’ve worked with many high-income and high asset clients.
We ask that you and your spouse be present for our 30-minute consultation call to agree on goals and areas of focus. During our mediation sessions, you have the option to work individually in private breakout rooms or together, depending on your specific situation and needs. All our mediation work can happen virtually or in person.

Relationships that have a history of domestic violence may not be appropriate for mediation. Please contact us if you have this concern.

Have another question? Schedule a free consult call and let’s determine if mediation is right for your family.