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We're here to help you reach the other side of divorce

Divorce is stressful. We help you untangle the complexity, finalize your separation, and move forward into a new chapter.

15 years of legal experience

7 years of mediation in family law

Hundreds of amicable settlements

We’ve discovered that any family can reach positive resolution through mediation

Settling the terms of your separation can feel overwhelming and emotionally draining, especially when you want different outcomes.

At NOCO Mediation Center, we’re advocates for resolving difficult disputes amicably and without stressful, messy litigation. After over a decade in family law, we’ve seen firsthand the added expense, time, and emotional toll contested divorce can have on families.

We help you de-escalate conflict, reduce stress, and work through complex disagreements in a judgment-free and neutral space.

Creative solutions at any stage of your separation

Whether you’re just beginning the divorce process or have struggled to reach resolution through the courts, we offer legal solutions for division of assets & debts, division of businesses, maintenance and child support obligations, parenting plans, and other areas of dispute.

Self-Represented Mediation

Resolve your divorce amicably without the need for an attorney.

Attorney-Initiated Mediation

When your contested divorce reaches a standstill, get unstuck with mediation.

Co-Parenting Solutions

Settle important parenting decisions and minimize disruption to your family.

“Erin really understands what’s at stake.”

“My co-parent and I tried so many times to resolve our co-parenting plan, and it just never worked. With Erin, we talked quite a bit about the approach, and I always felt like she considered my point of view. Even when emotions ran high, Erin listened with empathy. She was prepared for anything.”

-NOCO Mediation client

Our clients are living proof that divorce doesn’t need to be adversarial

Family mediation is confidential and voluntary.

We remove the overwhelm to help you process difficult conversations from a place of mutual respect.

save money

maintain control

find creative solutions

preserve relationships

Trusted by couples & attorneys throughout Northern Colorado​
“I have mediated with Erin Redmond Claeys on a number of occasions in family law cases. Her experience as a litigator brings a valuable perspective that many mediators do not have. She asks the hard questions to get to what is really holding up resolution and helps the parties get to solutions that allow them to move on.''
-Jennifer Rice, Family Attorney
Trusted by couples & attorneys throughout Northern Colorado​
“Erin and I worked closely together on a case to find a resolution that worked for both parties. She has a great deal of knowledge & understanding of the law and is a real pleasure to work with.”
-Miguel Mondragon, Family Attorney
Trusted by couples & attorneys throughout Northern Colorado​
“Erin cares for her clients.”
-Cody Curry, Family Attorney

Even if divorce feels impossible today, there is a path forward for you